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1974 – Sunningdale

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Intrigued that there were two General Elections in 1974 (one in February, the other in October) I have expanded the number of Event Cards between this period from 5 to 25, in order to provide an intriguing ‘mini’ scenario that encapsulates an important event that many have said was replicated by the Good Friday Agreement in 1998.

The Sunningdale Agreement, delivered a shortlived power-sharing arrangement between Northern Ireland and The Republic of Ireland via a Council of Ireland; it collapsed in May 1974 after pressure from Unionist politicians and Loyalist paramilitary violence, which influenced the largely Unionist workforce to conduct general strikes.

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What is also compelling is the affect that the October Election in two seats in Northern Ireland would have five years on, leading to the installtion of Margaret Thatcher’s Conservative Government. (More here.)

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