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I thought I should provide a short update as to the progress, just to let those of you who have supported this important endeavour how close we are to production.

Map and counters – check.
259 Narrative Cards – check.
Player Boards – check.
Playtest VASSAL Module – check.
Playbook – check.
Rules & Player Cards – wip

We’ve been working on the Patrol feature for the Security Forces: the RUC, BF and UDR.

The highways and byways of Northern Ireland facilitate the movement of men and materiel for the paramilitaries, as well as being targets for them in hindering the countermeasures employed by the Security Forces.

Dohmnall has provided us with a simplification to the Military Checkpoint feature, which allows the installation and configurability of ‘chokepoints’ to the many roads that thread through Northern Ireland; there is to be one per County Seat, and this forces the Paramilitaries to take die rolls when they are encountered, similar to the Border Control feature that simulates the controlled ingress/egress between the North and the Republic of Ireland.

And there is the Belfast to Dublin railway, which has – like the various Towns in the map – key Economic Value as well as providing a traversable map feature.

I’ll endeavour to keep these updates a regular occurrence.

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