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90 Secret Talks: London

Friday 7th July 1972. London. Gerry Adams had been released from detention in order to attend the meeting, along with Martin McGuiness, Séamus Twomey, Seán MacStiofáin, Dáithí Ó Conaill, Ivor Bell, all of whom were flown to London. The meeting took place at the Chelsea home of Mr Paul Channon, then Minister of State forContinue reading “90 Secret Talks: London”

13 1966 The Times: John Bull’s Political Slum

The Sunday Times, on the 3rd July 1966, coinciding with a royal visit to Northern Ireland, published the article ‘John Bull’s Political Slum’, criticising Britain’s failure to intervene in thegerrymandering of the political architecture of Northern Ire￾land, and the high levels of unemployment in Catholic communities. This was against the backdrop of three recent killingsContinue reading “13 1966 The Times: John Bull’s Political Slum”