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53 Sinn Fein Split at Dublin

Similar to the schism between the Old and Provisional IRA by the close of 1969, its political wing, Sinn Fein, found itself freeing itself from the Southern leadership at their Ard Fheis (partyconference) after a decision was voted on – and passed – to abandon their long held, and firmly entrenched stance on ‘abstentionism’ (i.e.…

1974 – Two General Elections

On the 9th December 1973, the Sunningdale Agreement wassigned. It was an attempt by the British Government, the IrishGovernment and the Northern Irish Government to provide analternative approach to government in Northern Ireland thatwould also integrate Unionist, SDLP and other political partiesinto a power-sharing Executive. The result was significantopposition from Unionists – an escalation in…

#1 The Campaign for Social Justice

The Campaign for Social Justice was established in 1964 by Patricia and Dr Conn McCluskey. The husband and wife were based in County Tyrone and were the founding fathers of the Civil Rights movement in Northern Ireland, as a response to the discrimination against the Nationalist Catholic communi￾ties in areas such as housing and employment.


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