Development: Political Targets

On the 14th November the Ulster Unionist Party MP, RobertBradford was shot dead by the IRA; a 29-year old civilian wasalso killed. Several Catholics were murdered in retaliation, andthe attendance at Bradford’s funeral by the Secretary of State for Northern Ireland was openly criticised by Unionists.This incident is enshrined in Narrative Card #183, and enablesContinue reading “Development: Political Targets”

“[S]omeone may well ask. “Why recall such things? It is the writer’s duty to tell the terrible truth, and it is a reader’s civic duty to learn this truth. To turn away, to close one’s eyes and walk past is to insult the memory of those who have perished. Only those who have learned theContinue reading

Narrative Card #222 – Pat Finucane

Pat Finucane was an Irish lawyer known for representing Republicans and members of the Irish Republican Army. He was assassinated at his home – shot 14 times – on 1st February 1989 by the Ulster Defence Association, which had colluded with the British Government intelligence service, MI5. The Conservative Leader and Prime Minister, David Cameron,Continue reading “Narrative Card #222 – Pat Finucane”

Narrative Card #58 – The Arms Crisis

58 The Arms CrisisThe deteriorating relations between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland reached a crisis point in this political scandal involving two serving cabinet ministers of the Irish Government.Charles Haughey (Minister for Finance) and Neil Blaney (Minister for Fisheries and Agriculture) were dismissed after they were accused of attempting to smuggle arms fromContinue reading “Narrative Card #58 – The Arms Crisis”

Northern Ireland’s 100th Anniversary

Thankfully Men of Peace prevailed.


I thought I should provide a short update as to the progress, just to let those of you who have supported this important endeavour how close we are to production. Map and counters – check.259 Narrative Cards – check.Player Boards – check.Playtest VASSAL Module – check.Playbook – check.Rules & Player Cards – wip We’ve beenContinue reading “Patrol”

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